“For many generations, the idea of magic and mythical creatures had been whispered across families and towns to become legend.  More recently, these legends have become reality.  It all began five years ago, when the ground covered with sheets of snow to create the coldest winter to arise in many years.  On a particularly icy night, the Faye’s had a crackling fire going in the hearth to keep warm, and were readying for bed.  The rosiness in their cheeks told a tale of health and full bellies, and the laughter that flowed that night spoke of true happiness, even in their meager circumstances.  Amethyst, age twelve; Orion, the middle child, age eleven; and little Tristane, age six, all bundled up in their bed to share the warmth of each other.  The glow of the fire could be seen through the open doorway leading to the wide bedroom, and cast shadows across the ceiling that Amethyst followed with her eyes even long after both of her brothers’ breathing steadied out to indicate their deep slumber.  She could barely hear her parents whispered voices out in the main room, but she did not need to strain to understand the topic of their exchange.  Amethyst knew what her parents spoke of because the town had been buzzing with the news for ages now.  Word was that an army of soldiers traveled in this direction, but the real mystery was the rumor of their leader wielding magic to gain power among the masses.  Amethyst had thought this rumor was profane, but was she ever so mistaken.  That frigid night marked the beginning of the end.”

-Gabrielle, Author of “Evolve”.

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