I chose this photo as my first to write about because it is the oldest one of all the photos currently on Read From Reality.  I am in my third year of college, and this photo was taken in my Senior year of high school.  Although that makes this photo about four years old, it feels like this was taken in a completely different lifetime.  

This was a calm and breezy afternoon in Fort Lauderdale at a park near an old best friend’s home.  My group of friends had been at her house and we decided to take a walk to this park.  An intense feeling of nostalgia overcame us as we walked along the rocky pathway.  High school was almost over, and we were all going our separate ways.  We spoke about memories from all the way back to middle school, and laughed until we were sure abs would develop on our stomachs.  The sun had slowly started its descent in the sky, and we drifted off the path to this secluded spot with an optimal view of the changing colors spreading across the horizon.  I took my phone out to capture the moment, and to this day I am still glad that I did.  This picture has always comforted me with its exhibit of nature in its purest form.

It reminds me of the memories of high school, and the friends that I have unfortunately lost since then.  They will always be in my thoughts. ❤