“The fourth man walked in and smothered every inch of the room with his very being.  It wasn’t just his looks that captured her attention, although he was something to admire.  The dark hair that was tidy all over except where it fell over his forehead nearly shielded his luminescent cobalt blue eyes.  His skin was an even shade, not entirely pale but not tan either.  His lips were almost as enticing as his body structure, which was tall with lean muscle to accentuate his fighting gear.  No, what captured her attention most was his demeanor, the way he seemed to own the entire room without effort.  She appreciated his alertness, and his assessment of the room was thorough as his eyes landed on everything it had to offer before stopping at her.  She felt fire lick up her skin as his eyes traveled over her body, and she swore the blue in his eyes swirled as he looked into her own eyes peeking through the veil.  The fire in her was put out quickly when he looked away without a second glance and began a conversation with his comrades, as if he never saw her.”

-Gabrielle, Author of “Evolve”

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