“With clenched fists and a heavy heart, Amethyst faced the death of her childhood incarnate, clad in his dark gear and even darker expression.  He was lucky that her stomach was nearly empty, because otherwise she would have vomited right in his face.  Unlucky for her.”

-Gabrielle, Author of “Evolve

I chose this snippet to give a glimpse of the main character, Amethyst, and the way she thinks.  At this point in my writing, she’s fierce, but doesn’t have the abilities to put that fierceness to it’s full use.  Boy does she want to put it to full use, especially with one of the top enemies on her list getting ready to take advantage of her…

I’m so excited to be on this journey, although I have been criticizing myself quite harshly lately, but I know that this process will all be worth it in the end ❤

Evolve Snippet Four