Happy Sunday, Readers!

Today I’m feeling a little bit blue over being stuck in the house, but I thought that writing a post about one of my previous adventures might help.

This particular photo is of one of my absolute favorite memories.  Last year during my spring break away from school, I took a trip with my best friend to Key West, Florida.

Mallory Square in Key West is the prime place for gorgeous sightseeing and interaction.


With street performers attracting attention and vendors selling all kinds of authentic goodies, there is not a dull moment at the Square.  It was such a comforting environment to be in, with a lot of families enjoying the bonding experience.

The most enthralling part of the night is when the sun begins to set:

Sunset at Mallory Square, Key West, FL

Everyone gathers around the edge of the water and watches as the sun begins its slow descent toward the horizon.  Sailboats pass by serenely while the boats inhabitants wave toward the crowd.  Birds fly overhead, as seen in the photo, and everyone quiets down the closer the sun gets to disappearing.  When the last sliver of light lowers below the edge of the horizon, the entire crowd erupts in applause at this wonder of nature.

I’ve never felt so much light in my heart over the gathering of so many people, and I can truly say that I recommend this experience for all people traveling to Key West, which, in my humble opinion, is one of the best places to visit for authenticity and culture.

Have you been to Mallory Square, or just Key West in general?

Do you have any Adventures From Reality you’d like to share?  Comment about them!  I’d love to hear about it.

Love, Gabrielle ❤