I live in Florida.  I visit Orlando at least once or twice a year.  I have family there.  It is approximately three and a half hours away from where I live.  Two-hundred and twelve miles.  That distance did nothing to dampen the pain I felt over the amount of death that occurred in Orlando a little over a week ago.  My head bowed in sorrow and my heart burst in agony.

No one should ever have to experience such horrors as those involved in the tragedy that hit in Orlando, Florida.  I don’t have to write out all of the details for you to know exactly what I speak of.  It was all over the news.

When disastrous events like this occur, I can’t help but feel disgusted with our world and some of the sick people that inhabit it.  It almost makes me not want to reproduce and raise a child in such dangerous conditions.

Anything can happen, at any moment, of any day.

I am afraid.  For the men and women who serve our country and will be the first to respond to such horrors.  For the children that are being raised in a world full of hatred.  For the innocent people that have to pay for the actions of another.

How can we save the world?

With love?

This is where my story takes a lighter turn.

This past weekend, my mother was granted with the opportunity to officiate the marriage of two male partners. It was her very first time officiating a marriage, and she was so proud for it to involve two men in light of recent events.

They married in this gorgeous gazebo, located in Boca Raton, Florida:

IMG_4376 [2750226].JPG

It was a short but sweet ceremony, and afterward we attended an intimate dinner at a high-end restaurant.

In this restaurant were these gorgeous red roses:

IMG_4377 [2748817]

Looking at them reminded me of the beauty in the world, even through all of the pain.

The married men admitted their nerves over getting married so publicly after the horrors in Orlando.  So much sorrow engulfed the dinner table, but their love placed a balm over some of the wounds.

I’d wanted to dedicate a rose to each of them, for their bravery and pure love.

A rose for each of the lives lost in Orlando.

A rose for all of the families facing the aftermath of a lost loved one.

And a rose for you, dear reader, for taking the chance to read this post of harsh reality.

I love you all,