If anyone has wondered about my absence lately, I was in a bad car wreck and have been recovering through doctor’s appointments.  I apologize, I wish I could have posted sooner because I’ve sorely missed writing, but life happened.

On a lighter note, here is another snippet from Evolve:

The water was lukewarm at best, but was still a lot cooler than how her overheated body felt.  Amethyst dunked her head, and allowed the small currents to massage her muscles into relaxation.  Her eyes opened and focused on the little fish that swam about, steering clear of the unknown element that she was.  

She was floating, and then she pursed her lips and released a few bubbles of air until she sank deeper into the water.  Nothing felt better than not having to use her weak muscles to keep in the same spot, and for a brief moment, Amethyst thought sorely that this would not be such a horrible way to die.  Ultimately preferable compared to what she had coming.

But Orion and Tristane counted on her, and so Amethyst pushed her dark thoughts to a small corner of her mind, and pretended they were forgotten and covered in cobwebs.  

Back in reality,  Amethyst looked down at herself, and noticed that the water swishing around her created the illusion of a healthier body: stronger legs, fuller stomach, and arms without their usual bony appearance.  All Amethyst wanted was to feel strong, and have the same for her brothers.  But with lungs burning from a lack of oxygen, Amethyst surfaced and wiped the hair out of her eyes, the dreams she so badly hoped for being washed away by the current.  A strange feeling passed over her, and so she turned her head to look at her surroundings.

Only to find that she wasn’t alone.

Notice the hint of depression in Amethyst as she contemplates her current situation.  I chose the name Evolve for this story because I plan to incorporate a ton of character development.

I’ve been really hard on myself about my writing lately, and I have no idea if what is coming out on paper is any good.  Hopefully with some practice I can hone my skills and feel more confident, I just think I’ve been set back due to recent events.  Any feedback is welcome.

-Gabrielle, Author of EVOLVE