Seventeen year old Amethyst Faye has struggled since the age of twelve to come to terms with the illness that was thrust upon her town’s young inhabitants.  The king that invaded their lands ordered children under the age of eighteen to be magically infected with an illness that could only be overcome at the age of eighteen if they themselves held magic within.  For the past five years since those men barged into her home and placed the illness on her and her two younger brothers, Amethyst has been the caretaker for her family.  With her mother’s mysterious disappearance, and her father’s depression, there is no one to keep them alive but her.  On the morning of her eighteenth birthday, Amethyst feels a strength in her that she hadn’t felt for those past five years.  Each day following, her health returns, and she realizes that she would be soon getting a visit from the king’s men.  The death toll had risen in the towns’ children, but several of them that had been infected disappeared after their eighteenth birthday.  Once her home is invaded again, Amethyst is whisked away into the world of the rich and powerful, forced to be a part in the king’s army of magic wielding soldiers, and tasked to take over other lands in the search for people with powerful abilities.  Trained by a calculating, cold, and fearless young man to use the powers that she never knew she had, Amethyst is torn between her hatred for the king, and the love that blossoms in her heart.  Her choices and wit are compromised when love gets in the way of her one true mission: to kill the king.

*Intended for readers 18 and up due to mature themes.*

Update: Evolve is still a work in progress and will hopefully be completed in 2017.  Once completed, each chapter will be released on a bi-weekly (once every two weeks) basis for free.  If you wish to read all at once, and don’t want to wait for each chapter’s release, you are able to buy an e-book version from Amazon.  Price TBA in 2017.

In the meantime, please enjoy snippets from Evolve.

Evolve Snippets